Bottled Gas

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Propane Bottles

Propane gas in red bottles for built in cookers, boilers, BBQ’s, room and patio heaters.

  • 10 Kg Propane Lite Bottle
  • 6 Kg Propane Bottle
  • 11 Kg Propane Bottle
  • 19 Kg Propane Bottle
  • 47 Kg Propane Bottle
  • 18 Kg Forklift Propane Bottle

Butane Bottles

Butane gas in blue or stone coloured bottles.  Mainly for domestic heaters, camping and BBQ’s.

  • 7 Kg  20mm Butane Bottle
  • 13 Kg 20mm Butane Bottle
  • 13 Kg 21mm Butane Bottle


‘Clip on’ Regulators for butane (20mm and 21mm) and propane (21mm only) bottles.

Screw in regulators for propane bottles (21mm)

Metal bottles £20, Plastic bottles £30 deposit per bottle if no empty ‘Handygas’ bottle to collect.

No delivery charge.